TOAD license issues


we have the following Toad Products installed on Citrix farms

  1. Toad DataPoint
  2. Toad for DB2
  3. Toad for Oracle

the license file is located in c:\ProgramData\Quest Software\ProductLicenses.xml

  1. Toad DataPoint - really often the license is not found
  2. Toad for DB2 - really often the license is not found
  3. Toad for Oracle - every time the license is active

if we delete the NTUSER.DAT the user gets a license next time

we excludes this in the antivirus:

  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Quest Software
  • %LOCALAPPDATA%{08439167-4CA5-48E9-A810-A3A7C0B80B06}

we do not have any idea how to get rid of this issue and hope that anyone had this too and found the cause

Looks like you have followed the advice, given in the Knowledge Base article found here (this one specifically for Toad Data Point):

Do all users logging into Citrix have access to that folder that you specified?
Otherwise, this sounds like a job for Quest Support.

Yes, we set the rights to the folder, as requested by Quest Support

I just found out, that the license is copied from the folder
and in the file in the destination the license for Data Point is missing ... but still containing Toad for Oracle and Toad for DB2

this is very scary, because in the source are all in the file

Hoping that you have connected again with Quest Support on this... Dev may need to get involved here...