Toad getting ORA-22053

Selecting a long row lead to this ERROR (OCI-22053/ORA-22053).
We can't reproduce with an older version of Toad (

What can we do?

Regards & thank you

Tell us how to reproduce it.

Can you provide a script to create a table and insert a few rows that I can reproduce it with?

Hi John. I opened a SR with Quest. Thank you for your help in any case :slight_smile:

Hi Carmen,

You're welcome. The support people asked me about it. We really need to be able to reproduce things in order to fix them. Can you send a script to create the table and insert a row or two so that we can reproduce it? Send it through support if you'd rather not post it here.


Hi again,

excuse my ignorance but it was mentioned in the ticket that my issue would maybe be fixed in Toad 15 and I would like to test the beta.
I haven't found a download link for the beta SW: where do I get it?

Thank you.

Hi Carmen,

You can download the latest version here:
It is 14.0, not 15.0.

The beta will not run unless 14.0 is installed. So after you have 14.0, you can get the beta here: Toad for Oracle 14.1 Beta

I'm sorry, I don't remember the details of the support case. Do you have the SR# so I can look it up?