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Toad 13.3 - Schema Browser - Script - Insert Statements Prompt

I constantly get the following prompt whenever opening an object script in Schema Browser:

Table X has Y rows (from statistics). Do you want insert statements for this table?

How do I get this prompt to not come up for every object? I don't recall seeing this message prior to my last upgrade of TOAD.

Try this: Within the RHS Script tab of the Schema Browser, find the "View/Edit Script Options" tool bar button, per screen cap below. Uncheck the box labeled "Insert Statements" within the Export DDL panel's "Tables" tab, or at least bump up the rowcount threshold.

BTW, you can accomplish the same thing by right-clicking on your table within the LHS of the Schema Browser and choosing Create-> Script, which also brings up the Export DDL Options dialog panel.


Thank you. That seemed to do the trick.