Toad 14.0 - Check In All permanently disabled

Hello guys!

Since we (my coworkers and I) upgraded from Toad 12 to Toad, the "Check In All" Button is permamently disabled.
We were neither able to find an option to enable it, nor a ticket similar or identical to the issue.

I've also checked out the latest beta to see if this issue has been resolved in the meantime, but unfortunately, it's still there. So I thought I give it a try and open a new topic here.

Does anyone know if this is a known issue or how to resolve this?


Hi Franz,

I do see the issue you're seeing, and it looks like that's a bug where the Check in All button is not enabled in either the editor's toolbar or the main menu's Team Coding submenu. I've created a ticket for that to get fixed for the beginning of Toad 14.2 beta.

In the meantime, if you open the Team Coding Manager, you'll see the Check in All button will be enabled in that window. You can use that button to perform your check ins for all currently-checked-out objects.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We'll get that fixed pretty quickly for 14.2.


Hi John!

Thank you for your reply, I am very glad to hear that! :smiley:
Also thank you very much for the hint with the Team Coding Manager! I didn't know this window also contained a Check In All Button (because I never use it). Our workaround was to check the option to check in all on connection close to force the window to appear.

Hi Franz,

This issue will be fixed in the first beta of Toad 14.2. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!