3 Toad 10 things....

  1. What happened to the check/uncheck options on the “Rebuild Multiple Options”
    screen? It used to have a lot of options, and now there are just options for
    Checking/Unchecking unusable indexes?

  2. Missing the “Jump to” from the Schema Browser in some instances. Specifically
    the Objects tab of Tablespaces.

  3. The option on the GRANTS screen for showing only users that have privileges
    on an object seems to be inoperable. Doesn’t seem to do anything.

That’s just the starters that I’ve come across. Anybody else seeing the same, or
am I up in the night?

“I was Toad before TOAD was Toad.”

#2 is still there, you just have to SHIFT+F4 vs using the mouse-popup

I noticed #1 as well, but I thought that had been addressed…maybe not.

#1 was addressed – and discussed several times on the beta group. TOAD now
uses a standard gird across all screens so that all grids offers the same stuff.
For those few places where the old grid had extra RHM items, new menu toolbar
icons were added tor those specific items. So you have to in a few places change
your workflow – but it’s a small amount ….