Toad 16.0.90: Save desktop doesn't save the "configure desktop layout" settings


I changed the desktop layout setting of the Data Grid panel dock site from bottom to right.
Then I clicked on the Save desktop icon on the Desktops toolbar and saved the current desktop as desk1.
Then I switched to default desktop and nothing changed. The Data Grid panel dock site remained at the right side .
It was expected that the default desktop will change the layout to bottom.

I cannot reproduce this. I opened the Editor, dragged Data Grid to the right, clicked Save desktop and named it "Test." Then I clicked the desktop dropdown and selected the SQL desktop (there is not one named Default out of the box) and the Data Grid returned to the bottom. Do your steps differ in any way?

My data grid cannot be dragged.
Right click on the data grid title , then choose configure desktop layout

John just reminded me that the main toolbar has a Desktop toolbar. It is hidden by default so I did not see it. Your steps are good, but just use the Editor desktop controls when saving as seen here. The Editor has its own desktop layout, multiple actually depending on SQL or PLSQL content, and Toad as a whole has its own layout. The main Toad desktop saves the dock panels that are independent of the Editor and other windows. The Editor desktop is specific for the Editor.

That is exactly what I used.
There is only one desktops toolbar when you right click on the Toad toolbar you'll find it.

Just try to save one desktop with a data grid panel layout at the bottom, and save another desktop with the same layout at the right side.
Is is expected that when you switch between the 2 desktops the layout should change from bottom to right , but that's not what's happening.

To be clear, use the one marked with the green arrow here, not the one with the red. Note that one is on the Editor toolbar and the other is on the main Toad toolbar. The main Toad Desktop toolbar has the default desktop whereas the Editor desktop does not. I have un-maximized the Editor here so that the toolbars stand out better. If the Editor is maximized then its toolbar and the Toad toolbar kind of run together.