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Tab Position for the desktop panels


I’m currently using TOAD Somehow, the tabs for my desktop panels (Data Grid, DBMS Output, Explain Plan, etc.) are now on the bottom instead of the top and I can’t seem to get them back on the top again. This is an easy thing to do for the SQL windows but these desktop panels don’t seems to have an option to move the tabs. Not sure how I got them on the bottom as they’d always been on the top before.


Right click on them – Configure Desktop layout, then toggle the pages to


R-click in the Editor -> Desktop panels -> configure desktop layout. See
the “dock site” column. Is this what you’re looking for?

Also, you can restore your desktops to their original state from the Editor


The output windows (Data Grid, DBMS Output, etc.) are “docked” on the bottom already. It’s the tabs for them that are appearing below the windows instead of above them. If I change the Desktop to PL/SQL instead of SQL, that fixes it but I’d like to be able to correct the SQL desktop. Also, restoring default desktop does not fix it.


Are they unpinned? If you put your mouse over the panel, does it ‘float
up’ like you expect?


There is no way (that I’m aware of) to move the Editor sub-panel tabs to the bottom of the control. I can do it in main editor tabs, but not for the sub-panel tabs. It sounds like something abnormal happened to cause this to happen. I would suggest the following measure, that is if you don’t mind losing, or resetting all of your desktop settings (main toad window and Editor).

  1. Go to options > General and click “open folder” button in the “application data directory” settings
  2. Keep windows explorer open and close Toad
  3. In windows explorer, go down into the “user files” folder and delete all *.lay files (or move them elsewhere if you may want to recover them at some point)
  4. Open Toad

This will completely restore all of your desktop settings, recopying them from the installation folder in program files.


The docking controls have a property that allows the tabs to be positioned at the top or the bottom of the docked panel cluster. We have always stuck with a top tab layout and never surfaced an option to change this. When doing some docking work for 10.6 I noticed some scenarios that result in incorrect tab positioning which I have fixed. I don’t think that this is possible going forward, but let us know if you see this in the future with version 10.6 or later should you upgrade.

Brad’s suggestion is your only option in Toad 9.7.



Removing the .lay files did the trick. So, you were right in that something was corrupted in that file. Thanks for the help.