[16.0.90] ]How to set my desktop as the default desktop?

How to set my desktop as the default desktop?

This should do it:

You don't have to specify a desktop, just check the setting. But if you do specify a desktop, it will be remembered.

We have a similar setting for workspaces:

For the workspace one, you have to actually create a workspace in addition to checking the setting. Then the workspace saves and auto-loads next time you open Toad.

Desktops refer to docked windows like Object Palette, Output window, Code Snippets, Project Manager, etc.

Workspaces refer to connects and MDI windows in Toad (Editor, Schema Browser, etc, and for these windows (but not all), the content of these windows too - open files, object being displayed, etc).

I see that you can set a specific desktop per connection. Will Toad save each desktop per connection next time you open ?

Where did you see that you can set a desktop per connection?

As far as I know, this is not possible, and I don't know how it would work ether since Toad can have multiple connections.

Having several open connections with an open editor per connection, you can set a different desktop for each editor.

Oh, Editor Desktop!

I was thinking about Toad Desktop.

Ok, so the SQL desktop, I think that one opens by default if you just open a fresh editor.
But then if you open a package, it should switch to PLSQL desktop.
I'm not sure about other desktops you might create.

So I think which desktop you get depends on how you open the Editor. I'm not sure of any more details offhand.