Toad 16.2 "User List 1" Font and Styling

The new "User List 1" list on the SQL tab (View | Options | Editor | Font and Styling) can't be customized for 'comments' that starts with -- or /* */.

for example, I would like to add styling to comments, something like this:

--!important: this is an important note......

or to block comments like this:

/*!important: this is an important note in my comments */

but it is not possible as it does not recognize keywords inside comments. Also it would be great if there is more the one "User List" for us to customize.

Thank you for the suggestions. We will see if this is doable and get back to you.

I have the same problem exactly

Just to be clear - did you want to highlight that whole phrase, or just the word "Important"?

How many User Lists would be ideal?

We've discussed this internally and unfortunately we won't be able to support sub-styling within comments.

In toad 9.7 and previous version we were able to add custom styling for comments, this was very useful when coding, I been waiting for this feature in every release. I hope this is something it can be implemented.

see some examples below, styling in old version of toad was done using regular expressions.


This is no longer possible and will not be implemented. In older versions of Toad we used a different text control from what is currently used. The older one was no longer in active development and had some issues with larger text due to its use of regular expressions for defining the rules. This is what allowed you to customize, but regex does not perform well when styling large text. The newer control is in active development and performs better, but the rules defining the styling are predefined and cannot be customized by the end user.

That news is a shame for those of us who organize ourselves more when it comes to developing.

thank you @mstaszew for your reply.

I was not suggesting to use regular expression, I was just requesting to allow customization of comments styling in the new version of Toad as it just to be supported in previous version.