Toad - Can't type Library Name into the "Object Explorer" Field

Toad Running on Win XP Accessing iSeries DB2 via ODBC

In previous releases, I could type an iSeries library name into the “Object Explorer” box and access tables (files) in that library. In this version, I cannot type into that field. As well, the list of libraries that are shown does not hatch the list of libraries i see in the ODBC driver “Server” Tab, so I guess TOAD is pulling that list of libraries from somewhere else.

So…TOAD shows me these libraries TANLIB, FDWFIL, FDWPGM, FDWEDI, but the ODBC driver shows me: FSHP_IN FSHP_OUT FDWEDI FDWWEK BENBOND.

It’s the BENBOND libary I want to access, but for some reason, I can no longer type this into the Objec Explorer field in TOAD.

ANy suggestions?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you for the report.
Could you please attach screenshot with description of your problem?