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TOAD 4.2 connect to Excel 2016

Toad Data Point 64 bit
Excel 2016 32 bit

Which version AccessDatabaseEngine , I should install?

AccessDatabaseEngine 2010

AccessDatabaseEngine X64 2010

AccessDatabaseEngine 2016

AccessDatabaseEngine X64 2016

Install the 2016 version that matches the bitness of Toad Data Point. IE: If Toad Data Point is 64-bit install AccessDatabaseEngine X64 2016. If you are not sure of the bitness of TDP go to the Help About window.

Hi Debbie,

Our OS is Windows 64 bit, but Excel is 32 bit.

Should we install TOAD 32 bit and AccessDatabaseEngine 32 2016 to match excel version?



The bitness of Access Database Engine must match to bitness of Toad. It does not matter if you have 32-bit or 64-bit Excel.