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Can't install Access Database Engine

I have 64-bit Toad installed and we have 32-bit Excel. I need to connect to an excel file but when I try to install the Microsoft Access Database Engine redistributable I get this error. What do I need to do to fix this?
Access Error

I can think of a couple of things, from my experience, that might be causing this...

  1. If you have mixed 32- and 64-bit components of MS Office present on your workstation... e.g. remnants of a previous version of MS Office
  2. Bitness of MS Database Access Engine doesn't match the bitness of your Toad.

Since you mention that you have 32-bit Excel, I'll assume you have MS Office 32-bit. If that's the case, then re-installing Toad Data Point with the 32-bit installer should work.

Alternatively, you can upgrade MS Office to 64-bit... :upside_down_face:

It used to be that the installer contained a piece of software that was a bridge between the 32-bit Excel environment and the 64-bit Toad environment. It appears that the Microsoft installer has some kind of restriction. I have a new pc so there are no remnants of prior installs. For now I will just have to import the spreadsheet data into Local Storage.