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Toad 5.6 against DB2 LUW 9.7


I have noticed functionality that worked with previous versions of Toad (pre 5.6) no longer work on DB2 LUW 9.7 with Toad 5.6.

  • Drop package does not generate the DDL correclty.

  • Rebind package cannot locate the package that is in the Toad drop down package list.

Have any other users noticed these or other issues?

When I contacted support they suggested using the DB2 command line??



Toad is not generating DROP PACKAGE for LUW packages that are created by system to avoid SQL0658N error returned from the database, which says:

SQL0658N The object name cannot be explicitly dropped or altered.

  • Where name is a package that cannot be dropped using the DROP statement because it was created by the system for use with a SQL procedure. The consistency token (or unique_id) is given in hexadecimal as part of the package name in the form of “pkgschema.pkgname 0Xcontoken”.
    As a solution on how to drop the package:

  • The package name can only be dropped by dropping the SQL procedure that caused the package to be defined. The specific name of the SQL procedure can be found by retrieving the DSCHEMA and DNAME from the SYSIBM.SYSDEPENDENCIES catalog table where the BSCHEMA, BNAME, and BUNIQUE_ID match the relevant parts of name, BTYPE is ‘K’ and DTYPE is ‘L’. The consistency token (or unique_id) is needed to distinguish between package versions that share the same schema and name.
    So to get rid of the system created package, go to dependencies tab of the package, locate the procedure and drop it.

If this is not your case and you are dealing with other type of package, please let us know the details about yout package.

Hope it helps




Thank you Zdenek for responding and the information you provided.

The packages are Cobal programs and created with a compile and bind. There

are no rows for these packages in SYSIBM.SYSDEPENDIENCIES. When looking at

the dependencies for the package no SQL procedures exsist as dependencies.

With Toad 5.6 the only dependiency that displays for older version packages are the Schemas nothing for Tables, Indexes, Servers, Aliases, etc.

Toad does not find the package when running the Rebind command on listed packages. Maybe Toad is expecting to find rows in the SYSIBM.SYSDEPENDENCIES table.

Thanks for the help, vastokes



I just wanted to inform you, that PACKAGEs area has been modified in our latest beta drop, so you should be able to DROP and REBIND your packages now.