Toad 5.6 does not generate Procedure / function DDLs

Toad 5.6 does not generate Procedure / Function DDLs, neither in the “Script” tab nor when “Extract DDL…” is selected from the right click drop down.

When looking at the script tab, the initial message “-- Generating script in background” shows up, but it disappears leaving an empty screen.

Is there any traces that I can start in the toad client to better provide more information?

Any help would be appreciated.


We’ve seen this error on DB2 LUW 10.1 fp3. If you’re on 10.1.3 there’s an IBM issue IC96725. The workaround is to set the db config parm DFT_QUERYOPT to 0 or 1.

If you’re not on LUW 10.1.3, please tell me your database platform and version. Do you see this for all procedures and functions?

Yes, this is DB2 v10.1.0.3 running on a PureScale config.

I am curious, it worked with and stopped working once we upgraded.

We also use DataStudio and it does not seem to be affected by the fp upgrade.

Changing the DFT_QUERYOPT to 0 or 1 is not a viable option, I am surprised that such a change is recommended as a work around.

10.1 fp3 introduced an error in processing predicates with a NULLIF clause. If you cannot alter DFT_QUERYOPT, we recommend installing a later fixpack.

Toad broke because the SQL it uses to fetch procedure bodies includes a NULLIF. Apparently Data Studio doesn’t use the same approach. If you use SQL with NULLIFs, it’s highly recommended to patch IC96725,

Yes fp4 is part of our upgrade plan for the future.

Thanks very much for your explanation