Toad 8.0 - Popup Editor

How do I enable the popup editor in Toad 8.0 w/Formatter Plus option(using w/Oracle Followed the instructions in the documentation (below)…no joy. Connected as schema owner or DBA…no joy. Pop Editor is enabled / Default to read-only queries is not. No joy on double-click or right click / popup editor in SQL results or schema browser.

Getting old doing “update / set / where” to update tables cells.

Toad 8.0 Documentation

The data grid that displays the results of the SQL queries is fully editable providing that the query itself returns an updatable resultset. Query statements MUST return the ROWID to be updatable.

For example:

select * from employee

would not be updatable, whereas:

select employee.*, rowid from employee

would be updatable.

To reduce this obvious nuisance, you can substitute EDIT Items that TOAD will translate into the updatable version of the statement.

For example:

edit employee

If the resultset should be editable but remains read only, make sure the TOAD OptionsData Grids - Data tab, Default to Read-Only Queries check box is NOT enabled.