toad updateable property

I’ve been using SQLNavigator 6.2 and now find myself back using Toad 10.6 again. In SQL Navigator you can just lick on the select as updatable button to change values in a record. How do you do the same thing in Toad? Seems like it should be easy but I can’t find it.

Just include ROWID in your select statement, and then you can edit the data in
the grid.

Or type the command update table_name where ……

Toad will see the update and do this automagically for you

Don’t you mean

EDIT table_name where ….

Just remember it has to be all on one line because there is also an EDIT
SQL*Plus command which must be on one line.

i write select query like “select * from table_name where coulomn1 = 4;”

results return to datagrid then i’d like to edit coulomn2 and return value like “book” and doubleclick value and open the grid popup editor. but when i’d like to change value from “book” to “book1” but i can’t because it is just read only.

i am already change view–>toad options–>data grids–>Data

and i checked “Show ROWID in editable grids”

but on sql navigator sqme query “select * from table_name where coulomn1 = 4;”
and i can update data from “book” to “book1”.

because at sql script file i click right button on mouse

SQL/Script Options–>Updateable

option has already selected

Did you type edit rather than select ???

So instead of select * from table_a where col_1 = 1

Edit table_a where col_1 = 1