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Toad defect

I have noticed one thing in toad. if we double click on the result set grid from a query the cell change into edit mode. Although I have only read only access to database but when the cell gets into edit more then the cell is locked. due to this if other program which are trying to insert a value in cell has to wait.

i have tried one option in administration> exucute query in read only mode. but this option make the integer columns readonly and not varchar columns.

what is the solution for this.

If you limit your grid editing to the Schema Browser, the grids will automatically be read-only when you don’t have update privileges, so this problem won’t happen.

We can do this in the Schema Browser because we know exactly what object you are querying from. It may be possible, but in my opinion, it would not be practical to try to implement something like this in the Editor because there are many unknowns which would make the process of discovering your privileges too slow.

One more thought about the editor - don’t include ROWID in your query, and then the problem won’t happen.