Toad and Oracle 11g

Hi guys,

I am using a very old version of TOAD - v6.3.3.1.g.

I have been using the Database ->Schema Browser feature extensively.

We have just upgraded to Oracle 11g

On one of the Client machines, I have Discoverer Desktop and I have installed Toad on that machine.

It is working to some extent but I have an issue as follows;

  • The Database tab at the top is not highlighted so I cannot use Schema Browser.
  • I can however use SQL to select from tables but I need to use the table parameter
  • eg select * from construction.ac_suppliers works fine but select * from ac_suppliers does not
  • I am logging on as construction
    Previously, I would just select * from ac_suppliers

Anybody know of any setting that I can use to make my Database - Schema Browser active. Thannks in advance