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Toad Automation (Commercial Toad for oracle

When I create an automation in toad for oracle export the application and then try to import into toad or I get message: (in a windows message box “toad message” which reads: “Unexpected properties exist in this datafile.”
However, when I create an automation in toad and import into the application imports correctly.
I’ve tried searching for the message via google and in toad world and can find no reference to this message. Note the automation is in toad for oracle not in toad for oracle for data analysts.
Has anyone ever run into this issue?

Automation (Apps and Actions) are not “forward compatible.” New versions of Toad
Actions will often support additional properties which you cannot take and
import into old versions of Toad. They will always be “backward compatible,”
however - new versions of Toad will support old Action datafiles.