TOAD Base Edition Trial


I been searching everywhere but cant find a trial version of Toad for Oracle Base Edition to download. We currently running SQL Developer and would like to test the Base Edition, we are not Oracle DBA’s that needs all the fancy stuff TOAD offers but rather software developers that would like to execute queries and run SQL optimizations.

Thanks in advance


I don’t see a base edition trial (maybe we don’t have one? Not sure). But there are 4 different trial packages that you can get trials here:

The last one, Toad Data Point, is actually a different product than Toad for Oracle. You could probably download that one in addition to one of the Toads above it, install them both, and see which one fits your needs best.

Hey Deon,

For the links John supplied above, I believe all the trial editions include the Xpert version of Toad. If you’d like to know the features that are included in the various editions, the following document may also help:


Hi there, I download a 30-day trial today and yes I see options for Xpert - these are my options to install:
Toad for Oracle
SQL Optimizer
Benchmark Factory
Code Tester
Data Modeler
If I want to continue using all of these products past the 30-days I’d have to upgrade to the Xpert Edition, correct? If I just wanted the Base Edition, these other apps would be come disabled but they wouldn’t automatically be removed, right? TIA!

Hi Rachel,

The trial version of Toad for Oracle will only work with trial keys, so if you wanted to use Toad for Oracle Base edition past the 30-day trial, you’d need to download the commercial version from Quest’s website and use the commercial key provided by Quest. The download, itself, is a single installer for all levels of Toad for Oracle (Base, Pro, or Xpert), and the key will unlock the correct edition for you. It is a separate installer, so you’d need to uninstall Toad for Oracle Trial edition, which should also uninstall the other products as well as I suspect they would behave the same way and would most likely be expired.