Toad for Oracle Base Edition components

Hi, I have access to a functional matrix as well as a “Which Edition is right for you” document hat lists the following components as part of the Base Edition.

SQL Editor
Query builder
Scheme/data compare
Data modeling
MySQL Support

Are these the names of the actual products that come free with the Base Edition? Or the features? Does anyone have the actual Product Names that correspond to the ones I’ve listed above? Is there a list of installation files that go with the Base Edition? I’ve searched around and I keep finding installation files that include SQL Optimizer and I know that’s not the edition I want. Thanks for any info!

Those are all feature names. The product (for all of them) is Toad for Oracle. The only thing that jumps out at me is that Toad for Oracle doesn’t have support for MySQL. If you want that, then you probably want Toad Data Point (which is a different product).

I am not 100% sure on this but I believe that the installer will install any of the editions…your license key will determine which edition you end up with.

Ok thanks… but here’s the confusing part with Base Edition then. Here are the options that I’m given to select with the installer. Why would I be given SQL Optimizer as an option to install when I know it’s not included with the Base Edition?

Which ones should I choose just to get the Base Edition? Don’t want to venture into Xpert territory, at least not yet plus I probably don’t have the system requirements for it.

• TOAD for Oracle
• TOAD for Data Analysts Base Edition
• Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle
• TOAD Data Modeler
o TOAD MySQL Freeware
o Knowledge Xpert for Oracle Administration
o Knowledge Xpert for PL/SQL

Ok, the things in THAT list are different products. Just check “Toad for Oracle” if you want Toad for Oracle base Edition.

By the way, I don’t think the system requirements for Xpert Edition are any different than base. It just unlocks a few more features.

This is so odd because I’ve used the Toad for Oracle installer and on my system, I now see these files: Toad Data Modeler, Toad for Data Analysts and SQL Optimizer for Oracle. Is it possible that “express” or “lite” versions of these apps were installed along with Toad for Oracle Base? I also see a Spotlight.exe file as well and I thought Spotlight only came with the advanced editions too. I’m a newb at this so I’m not sure what’s an add-on or just as preview app.

They might be limited-time trial versions, I’m not really sure.

You can go to control panel and remove the ones you don’t want. Toad base edition = 'Toad for Oracle" and will work without those other products.

I get what you mean about not being able to see what is actually in Base when you install as Trial. I will mention this to the product manager. It might be something to improve.