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TOAD Base Subscription renewal message issue

The TOAD message after renewing the yearly subscription is concerning. When invoking TOAD in the new subscription year for the first time the message says that the Free Trial has expired and asks the use to buy a license. Not a comforting message when the yearly subscription renewal payment has already been received and acknowledged by Quest.
I have never used a TOAD free license. QUEST has a register of fully paid subscription license numbers and can request the faithful paying users to enter the new license number rather than demote them to free trial users and ask them for more money.
Detecting who is starting TOAD and providing an appropriate message could also save on support cost.

Hi Myles,
Sorry to hear about the inaccurate messaging in Toad. I'm part of the Toad product management team, and we definitely would like to address the issue. Because it's our first report of the scenario, I'd like to obtain more information about your Toad environment and subscription account. Would you mind messaging me directly at Thanks.