Toad for Oracle Subscription License Warning

My subscription expires in 30 days. Will I continue to receive the 30-day warning until I renew? How can I stop the warning?

The warning is presented periodically during the final 30 days of your license period as a reminder that it is about to expire. We try to give you ample time to renew it to avoid downtime. The warning shows at 30, 20, 10, and for the final 5 days of your license if I recall correctly. After today you will not see it for the next 10 days. There is no way to disable this for licenses that are about to expire.

… and the pop-up at the bottom left of the app window, does that ever stop? It seems to pop-up at all the wrong times during my work, multiple times per day.

Hi Henry,

That balloon hint is only supposed to pop up once per hour on the last day. I just tested this and as far as I can tell, that's working correctly.

However, if you mouse over this bell icon, it'll pop up then too.


Is that when you're seeing it?


After running a couple of tests, I find the pop-up occurs whenever the lower status bar is initialized, so basically at least every time you start TOAD. Or make a new connection. However, it does not happen immediately, there is some timer.

I find the annoyance of this pop-up to be disrespectful. Let the license expire. If the user wants to renew, they can take 3 minutes to make the payment. Your Toad banner shows the days until expiration. Quiet enjoyment of my purchased product is all I am asking for.

I definitely did not mean to make it so annoying and naggy. I’m sorry about that.

I’ll correct this for the next release

So I went to update my subscription, and your system created a new license. I really just wanted to extend my current subscription. Then, when searching around your licensing pages, I discovered an automatic renewal setting. Why would you have a license warning for something that auto-renews. Anyway, how to I cancel the second subscription license?

Hi Henry, I reached out to you by email. Please send us the requested information about your licenses and we'd be happy to help out.