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Toad closes during Schema script create


I’m trying to use Database|Export|Generate Schema Script, but during the process Toad closes unexpectedly and no el file generated. The checked object types are successfully created under the defined top level directory, but sdxml file is not created.Would you check it before the release of GA, please? Thanks.


It’s working OK for me, but I don’t think anything changed recently that would affect this. It could be related to the schema that you are extracting.

One thing you can try as a workaround - don’t enter the sdxml file name at the beginning - just the export path for the individual files. Then, once it finishes, go back to the first tab where you enter the sdxml file name. Use the ellipsis button to enter the file name, and at that point it should try again to create the file. You may still get the crash at some point, but we’ll at least be able to narrow it down to file SDXML file creation or something before that.


The same happens when I uncheck (I mean it is empty) the Schema Snapshot File option. The close happens after a pop-up display on top of Generate schema script window, but the pop-up window is empty. I think this should be the content of the “View DDL when complete”.



If I uncheck “View DDL” then I get the Object listing tab. There is no halt on that situation.


When I tested, I had the “View DDL” option checked, so I still think it may be related to the content of your schema.

Can you uncheck the “View DDL” option, and check the Schema Snapshot File Option, and then repeat the problem viewing the DDL when extracting from Schema Snapshot File? If so, please send me the Schema Snapshot File and I’ll test with that. Send to Thanks.


Toad also closes when I try to View the DDL from snapshot file. I send you the sdxml file offline.