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Toad Data Modeler Released!


Hello Toad Data Modeler users,

I am pleased to announce the new release of Toad Data Modeler
Version is a patch to version It brings several bug fixes, particularly fixes for alter script generation.

Their complete list can be found in the Release Notes document available at:

Installation Guide

There is one installation package for Commercial and Trial version of Toad Data Modeler. Please read the Installation Guide.pdf document carefully before you install Toad Data Modeler.

Limitations of trial version:

  • 15 -day trial period,
  • multiple features limited to a maximum of 25 entities*.
    The Installation Guide is available on the Download page.

*Note: Information on limitations of Trial version is also available at:


Download Toad Data Modeler from:
or via the website at:

Purchase and Support Links

Visit Quest’s online store:

Get Support:
For technical questions contact Technical Support at:

Quest Software Offices:

BETA Testing Invitation

Last week a new BETA was released. The latest BETA brings:

  • Support for DB2 LUW 9.5
  • Alter script for MySQL 5.0 and MySQL 5.1 database
  • RTF reports for logical model
    and much more.

Please read the BETA release announcement for more details:

Let me invite you to download BETA and test new and enhanced features. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your co-operation and support!

Enjoy the new version!


Vladka & TDM Team