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Toad Data Modeler Silent Install w/ License Key?

We own Toad for Oracle 11.0 R2 Commercial edition and I’m trying to create a silent deployment package.
The instructions provided by Quest ( ) are easy to follow and work perfectly EXCEPT Toad Data Modeler will not automatically install the license key. It only installs as a 15 day trial and I’m forced to manually enter the license key and site message information. This is obvisouly not acceptable when when we’re about to perform a mass update of Toad across our environment. ‘Toad for Oracle’ and ‘Toad for Data Analysts’ automatically install the license key/site message as described in the installation guide but TDM only installs as a trial.
When manually activating TDM I’m using the exact same license key/site message info as the other products are using.

I’ve logged a case with Quest but I was hoping someone here may have dealt with this issue already.

I’ve forwarded this info to the TDM product manager and dev manager J


This case is discussed here: