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How to avoid adding Entity to every Workspace tab

Toad Team,

This question concerns Toad Modeler targeting Postgres.

When adding an Entity (i.e., table), either by drag-n-dropping from the toolbar to a specific Workspace tab or right-clicking + New on the Entities folder in the Physical Model Explorer, an unwanted byproduct is that the new Entity is added to all open Workspaces. Is there any way to turn off this behavior? Ideally if drag-n-dropping the Entity is only added to the target tab; and if right-clicking on the Entities folder then the Entity isn’t added to any Workspace (open/tabbed or otherwise), rather I then should have to add it to a workspace as a second step.



Hello Pete,

the shortcut of newly created entity is automatically added only to workspaces with enabled option "Auto complete" which is only the workspace "All items" by default.
You can change the setting of this option for particular Workspace on the Workspace format or globally in the Options | Model | Physical model | Workspace. Option "Auto complete" is turned off by default and it means, that any other WS except "All items" has this option unchecked. For example, if you have 3 workspaces and add a new entity to WS 3, the shortcut of this entity is created on WS and "All items".



Hi Dave,

Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. For some reason a number of these workspaces had Auto Complete checked despite the global default being off (which I confirmed is the case in Options | Model | …).

Thanks for your quick and informative reply!