Automation - SQL/EXCEL/eMail

I created a template (.txp) which executes SQL and successfully generates an Excel workbook that uses the embedded macro in the Excel macro-enabled (.xlsm) file to standardize column headers and reformat specific columns when run individually. When I integrate it into an Automation Script (.tas) it processes to completion but workbook is not generated and the following is the first string sent in the “Email successfully sent” message.

What am I missing other than expertise?

Timestamp Message
6/4/2013 10:58:45 AM [10:58:45.65] [RECV] 354 Start mail input; end with .\r\n
6/4/2013 10:58:45 AM [10:58:45.65] [SEND] MIME-Version: 1.0\r\nX-Mailer: MailBee.NET\r\nFrom: aleist … n!N/=9D_=08=0F"L=BF=9AN=A7%=\r\n=0C?=88=9Ev=7FC=12=F8=03x]=AC=FB=D [Data chunk of 8192 bytes sent.]

What version of TDA/TDP are you using?

Can you send me your automation log file ( Please make sure that logging level is set to Verbose before you run the Automation script.