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I would like to use the e-mail automation widget connect to an smtp server to e-mail reports to parties outside of my organization. In order to do so I need to authenticate my credentails with the smtp server. However, the authentication doesn’t require a SSL/TLS connection. Is they anyway that I can configure the automation script to not use a SSL/TLS connection but still pass my credentials on to the smtp server?


You need to talk to your IT dept. and find out how to connect to your smtp server. I have used Toad to send emails with exchange server at my old employer and smtp at my current employer. The current employer has additional restrictions for sending stuff outside of the company by smtp. We deal with PHI (Protected Health Information) so all emails have to go through a check process that will automatically encrypt anything that even looks like PHI. Since smtp can get around that they don’t allow it to go outside of the company. You might be in a similiar issue, but your IT should be able to work something out.


I did contact my IT Department prior to posting. They looked at my Toad settings for the SMTP server and said I needed to be able to send my credentials to the SMTP server without having the ‘Use Secure SSL/TLS connection’ box checked because it won’t work.

Toad won’t pass on the credentais unless that box is checked. I need to have those credentials passed along without rhe box being checked so it can authenticate to the server.


This probably won’t work, but try checking the box, put in your credentials, save, then open it back up and uncheck the box. Your credentials will still be there but grayed out. See if that works.


Sorry for the late reply.

Probably you are right and this is a valid use case to submit user/password w/o selecting SSL/TLS connection. I created a QAT to track this issue:

QAT-3730: Introduce an ability to submit user/password w/o selecting a SSL/TLS connection

Unfortunately, we are too close to the RTM for introducing this ability in the upcoming release.



We fixed this issue (QAT-3730 and QAT-5508). You can download the latest Beta and try. (TDP


@GregDavis11009 How did you send emails using Toad via Exchange server?


You need to know the email server name and port. Then just set up something like this:


You set this up by clicking on the email server settings button in the email step in Automation:


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