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Toad Data Point disable updates

Is it possible to be remove buttons "check for updates on start up" which is located at Tools => Options =>General => Environment

Hi Hristo,
I'm not sure I understand. What do you want to achieve?

In general i try to stop automatic checks for update and manually too.
For automatic checks, i find this file: Settings.xml and changed this:
With this:
But i want prevent manually enable this options removing this "button", which is located on bar menu=> Tools => Options =>General => Environment.
For example, Toad for oracle 12.12 i do this:

It will only tell you an update is available if checked on. There is currently no automatic update for Toad Data Point.

Yes, but the end users can go to this menu and change manually this option, and after start the program they have been prompt to update if exist new version or update !

Yes, they will be promted there is a new version and they could go and download it if they have active license. But Toad will not update itself on its own.