Missing the menu item "check for updates"


I encountered a very strange behaviour of the mighty beloved Toad Beta 17.1.559.3176 and some earlier (btw. no problem in Toad 17.0 regular):
About a week ago I had a frozen machine (never happened before and no relation to Toad but Toad was running in the background :wink: )
I had to do the "hard reset" and after the reboot and restart of Toad many (most? :frowning: ) settings were set to default values.
Anyway, one thing that is weird (Topic! :-)) is that the menu item "Check for Updates" has vanished (in addition "Toad World" and "Toad Online" are missing too).
Furthermore the three radio buttons at "Automatic Updates" in Toad Options are greyed out. I know that I can change it in Toad.ini but I didn't found the magic spell for enabling them...

Is there any chance to restore the possibility to check for updates in the menu?
btw. I tried to import older settings but had no luck :frowning:

cheers Chris

First of all, let me say that you started your thread off right by describing Toad as both "mighty" and "beloved". I hereby grant you not just an answer, but a correct answer.

There are 2 things you can do here:

Restore toolbar defaults:

In the same popup, choose "Customize toolbars", then go to Commands, then Help. Then you can drag "Check for updates" back into the menu under Help or where ever you want it.

For "Automatic Updates" in the options window:
Go to Options -> Online. Check "Allow internet access"
Click OK to close options
Re-open Options and now Options -> Startup -> Automatic updates is enabled

Thanks John for the clarifying answer.
The part with "online" should have come to the writers mind himself... silly me :roll_eyes:
Funny however that I couldn't find the "Check for Updates" command under Help... it just wasn't there :frowning:
So I decided to start with a clean setup from scratch with recovering parts of an older settings backup and heureka! I got the "update checker" back :slight_smile:
best regards Chris