Toad Data point 4.3 and PostGres 10.3 - Table and Column comments missing from Table structure viewer

Is there any setting in TDP to show the Table and column comments when viewing the table structure via Table viewer. Right now, even though I created the table with table and column comments, the Remarks column that is shown when viewing a tables structure is blank.

Even getting TDP to generate a create script for the table does not generate the COMMENTS ON clause even though I know the meta-data is there as I created them and it ran successfully and I can see them if I use Postgres PgAdmin tool to reverse engineer and get the Create script.


TDP does not support to see the column comment in table viewer for postgreSQL. I have created an enhancement task QAT-13009 to add this feature. It will include in the sooner release.


Lyla Su

Thank you very much for the confirmation. I do see Quest now has a new tool called TOAD Edge in preview mode and looks like that is designed for PostGres, but we are currently trialing TDP and I really like it as we have multiple technologies and having one tool to connect to all is a big selling point for me to buy TDP.

Wish they would add this meta-data capability to TDP soon.

if we stay on schedule this will be in Toad Data Point 5.0 due out in August or Q4 of this year