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Add comments to DATA tab

I wrote a columns comments and i want that when i enter Data tab in the Schema Browser i will see the comments on the columns name,
is there a way to do that?
I'm using Toad Version
thank you!

There is no way to do that, sorry. You probably know this, but you can check one of these options to make column comments appear on the Columns tab.

thank you for your answer,
This is what i do now,
but if you enter the data tab and there is a column that you want to see the comment you need to return the columns tab look for the column and check the comments ,
Maybe there is a way to do in the data tab when i put the mouse on the column header i will see in Tooltip the column name ?
this is tooltip:

Sure, that could be added. I'm just saying that there is no way to make column comments appear on the data grid in version 11.6.