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Toad Data Point and Azure Data Warehouse/Synapse buggy

I keep having issues with Toad Data Point (See other post from April 2019) and Azure Data Warehouse Now called Synapse. First off the instructions on the other post from Quest were less than instructive and specific for permissions. I ended up just connecting with the primary account. This works, but it is buggy as heck! Once I connect to Azure Synapse and browse the data objects in the Object Explorer and/or run queries, I cannot switch back to other databases. Once I do the same on any of the other Azure SQL databases, it is much the same. It is not 100% consistent, but it will happen with a high regularity given enough queries and browsing in the Object Explorer. It feels like it is barely stable.
Ultimately I can get done what i need to get done, but it is often that in order to switch from one database to another, I have to 'Reconnect' to Azure, which means I need to close all queries and so on.
Sometimes Toad Data Point will become unstable, and start to crash asking to close queries and so on. I can often opt out of closing and still run stuff, but then the Data Explorer becomes less reliable and may crash Toad Data Point completely.
I keep checking back here every once in a while as either I am the only one with this issue, or people are just not using it, because it is persistent.

Until other users chime in here that can share their experiences with TDP on Azure DWH, just have to ask if you have opened up a ticket with our Support team? It's nice to get insight from other users' experiences, which is why we have this forum in part, but if the product isn't working 100%, time to get with our R&D team directly.

That said, anyone on the Quest Dev Team dialed in, can you provide any guidance?