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TDP 5.0.4 Connection Manager always opens expanded

I have many connections defined in TDP, spanning many DB types.
When ever I open TDP, the list is always opened with all the connection groups expanded.
My first task is always to collapse the ones I rarely use, and keep my favorite one expanded.

I have not found a way to make Toad Data Point remember my last setting, or in any other way mark the view to be shown a certain way. Is there a way?

I can reproduce also without even exiting - I get my Conn Mgr view just how I like it, then i closed it, and reopen again in same session, it went back to the original layout, with all the connections showing. aaugh!
It's just an annoyance, but enough of one to finally post it here :slight_smile:

Hi Marcia,
I think that's doable. Would a collapse/expand all button work for you or did you think of another solution?

A collapse-all button would be a start - and I suppose its mirror: Expand-all.
However, I would prefer a config option to "remember current layoutat exit" or something like that. This might be a setting in the Options for Connection Manager?
I generally don't use Navigation Manager but I think same behavior exists there, so maybe an overall "remember" setting would apply across the board to any of those views.

I'd be glad to supply a screenshot offline, or do a webex or something if you wanted to see.
Thanks for response!

Hi Marcia,
I've opened an ER TMB-2398 to add the new option.