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Automation file gets corrupted on its own


I am using version 4.3 Base Edition of Toad Data Point and trying to create automation in it. I have used different versions of Toad Data point in the past and never had this issue before. I can create small automations here on this version but when it comes to creating complex automation, the automation file gets corrupted and can no longer open it in the toad. I open the .tas file in the notepad to see the issue and found that there is unexpected end to the XML file - The XML file is partial. Is this an issue with this particular version? or there is a setting that needs to be updated?


I have identified this issue followed by the error message - FilePath\filename.tas has been modified on disk. Do you want to reload the file?

After this message this automation file is no longer been recognized by Toad Data Point and when I open it in XML it is truncated.


Can you provide more information so that we can reproduce? What is your step? What activities are you using in your created automation?


The steps for automation are -

Creating 3 variables for Date > Copy the required file to the right location> Import Wizard - data from the excel file to Database> Execute Script (Data update into the table)> Another Execute Script > Export Wizard - From database into the text file with delimited ‘|’ format and Encoding


I cannot reproduce the issue. Can you provide the screenshot of each activity? We want to know the detail setting.


Or better yet, post sample automation script


This is what .tas file ends like when I opened XML into word -

<ta0:VariableIfElseBranchActivity x:Name=“If_Condition_2” Condition="#RES# = 1">
<ta0:LogActivity Message=“NO RES” Description=“Add a message to the script execution Log” OnError=“stopOnError” x:Name=“Log_1” />

When I run automation and save it and then reopen it, can no longer open it in toad - The automation file will end incorrectly like above script.


The xml file seems have some issue, please post sample automation script.