Toad Data Point Cleanse Feature

How do I show all the rows in the Cleanse screen of TDP? I went into Edit Sample and chose all rows and even tried to reprocess the entire query but I'm still only seeing a subset in the cleanse screen. I'm on version

Welcome back to the TDP forum. It appears from your general description that you're doing the right thing... e.g. like in the screen snap below. If you choose the option for All Rows, then TDP will re-run the underlying query automatically and it should bring back all the rows.

Be careful regarding the volume of data you're trying to bring back, however. You didn't say how many rows you're expecting to bring back, but if it's anything more than what you're workstation can handle (tens of millions for many users) then TDP will take a while to render, or there may not be enough workstation memory to handle that many rows.

When you do choose all rows, you didn't say if you are seeing more than the default fetch (first 1000 rows) or if TDP is retrieving more, but not what you know/expected is there? More details please.

I did all that and they will were not showing all the lines in the Cleanse tab. Today I opened it up to count the lines and they are now all showing. So strange.