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Toad Data Point on Citrix


I´m currently trying to get Toad Data Point working on our Citrixfarm. We tried versions and, both of them installed according to the Installationmanual.

We´ve got different license keys for different usergroups. Both professional and base editions. After the first runup of the application via the shared symbol on my desktop, it asks for a key. After entering, it was accepted. But it doesn´t seem like the license keys get stored. Everytime I restart the application it keeps asking for my license key. It even asks for the key if the admin supplied it directly.

How can I get the Data Point to remember my license after closing the application and a restart?

We also installed Toad Data Modeller on Citrix, which works just fine. Dell Support won´t help me…

kind regards


If you have a valid license and are current on support contract, Dell Support should help you or re-route you to Quest Software support, at least you can search the knowledge base on support website to find some clue on this issue

Without details, I can only tell you that license key is saved per user under C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local, does you citrix environment allow it persist from session to session or it wipe out every time?

If you have a support case number, forward it to us so we can look it up.


We have the same issue, only that we are running on Terminal Server.

Every time we start Toad Data Point we have to enter the license key.

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There’s a KB on this topic for Toad for Oracle, it should apply for TDP too. Please login and follow the instructions

Hope this helps.