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Simple Table Report


I am trying to create a report that just nicely displays the results from a SQL query in table form. In the wizard, the standard report displays the results in a cumbersome way and it’s hard to quickly scan the data as a result.

I tried moving the labels and data around in the designer view but just cant get it right. It seems to me that kind of report should be extremely simple to create. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


The default report does just throw each column in with labels. That is not usually what you want. If you connect to the Toad Sample database and then go to the project manager you will see some sample reports. Click on any of the three files with the *tdr extension. This will give you some idea of what can be done with reports.

Once you have an idea of what you want to do I can point out how to do them. I also attached a TDA tutorial that has several sections on how to build reports and charts. See if that helps.

TDA Tutorial.pdf (6.55 MB)

I looked at the sample reports and your attachment, I am still having a hard time just finding how to generate a table report. All I am looking to do is take the results from a SELECT query and display the results in a presentable report.

I guess you will need to get more specific for me to help. What do you want to do? Graphing, pivot table, master detail report, tables and coloring?


For now, all I need is a simple table to be nicely displayed and header information at the top of the first page.

For instance:

SELECT id, name, office
FROM table1

–Report (one page)–

IDs in Table1

1 Bob Region 1
2 Jeff Region 1
3 Sally Region 2

I have attached a simple report I made with some movie sample data. Each page is a separate report. I used the merge feature to put it all together. Although for what you discribed you just have to put your cover page data in the report band and set the break to After band.

For the attached reports I used a picture object, a graph object and table object and set the coloring in the table. Does this give you some ideas on what you can do? The objects are in the left side palette. You do need to understand what the report band represent but they seem self explainatory.

I also suggest you read pages 57 - 67 of the TDA tutorial I posted in an earlier post to you. Thre are 4 step by step excercises on how to build each of the report types. These can all be done using the Toad Sample Database. Doing those excercises is the best way to learn how to use the Data Reports. It is not the easiest in th world but it does do the job.


MoviesMultiReportAutomated.pdf (629 KB)