Toad Data Point roughly compared to Business Objects

Looking for a rough comparison of Toad Data Point to Business Objects. We currently have Business Objects but are looking at Toad Data Point to connect to Google Big Query. This would be for data analysts to use to pull data, not for end user business intelligence things.

I reviewed several Toad Data Point videos

So my take is that Toad Data Point is powerful, but actually more roughly similar to PL-SQL Developer than it is to Bus Objects (Pl-Sql Developer ==> https //www allroundautomations (dot) com, it connects only to Oracle).

But in comparing Toad Data Point to Business Objects ... in Bus Objects you create a semantic layer via their "Universe Design Tool", then business users pull data in a drag-and-drop mode where they are insulated from the underlying data structure etc. Is there an equivalent "middle layer" in TDP?

Overall though, my quick take is you could probably use Business Objects or Toad Data Point to accomplish the same thing, which is pull data that typically ends up in Excel as opposed to fancy data visualization / Dashboards, even though these two tools are not really the same.

Thank you (first post here) (this is the same forum tool as the BusinessObjects Board)

Thanks for the inquiry here, William.

  • Toad Data Point (TDP) is a client solution that performs cross-platform data access, query (including cross-platform queries) and migration . Actually, does a lot more than that if you consider that it has
    ** Data Profiling capabilities
    ** An ETL engine to perform common transforms
    ** Easy Export/Import
    ** Data Compare & Sync
    ** Cross-platform data migration
    ** Automation Worflows
    and more.

  • TDP was made for data analysts, and similar personas... all other Toad products are built for DBAs and Developers

  • So, no, not comparable to PL/SQL Developer (not just Oracle, and does lots more with data).

  • Not really comparable to Business Objects either, as BO is designed as a Business Intelligence solution. BI solutions typically have a meta-data (semantic) framework that's designed to abstract away raw details about the underlying data sources, as you mentioned. TDP does not have such a layer. It simply connects to the data where it's at.

  • If you haven't already, Quest's ToadWorld self-service site can give you more descriptive info and links to more videos:
    Toad Data Point

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Gary, fantastic, just what I was looking for.