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Toad datapoint workbook 5.0


Is there a way to turn off running the query/sql when a workbook is opened?


When I open a saved workbook the query does not run. What version are you using of workbook? Is the workflow using a Query Builder or SQL Editor? What is the database connection type? I need to reproduce this to find out. Also what are the steps below the result step? posting a screenshot might help me.


What version of workbook: 5.0

The workflow is using Query Builder.

The database connection is ODBC




On start up, when opening a saved file, we open two connections. One for Object explorer and one for the workflow engine. If you open your background processes window you should see these connections being opened.

Also, when you save your workbook save the result sets when closing. I believe this will prevent the attempt to run the queries for related sub steps that use those results.

If this does not answer your question please open a support case and we can dig deeper into what is occurring.


I’ve been going into workbook and building a result set. When I copy from query builder it is taking a long time. Looks like it is running the query.




I tried a variety of scenarios. I thought i saw it once execute the query but can’t find the combination.
When you first start Workbook, go to the view menu and show the background processes. This will show more of what is occurring. Always when first adding a result set we, open a connection for object explorer, open connection for the Query Builder and run queries to validate the columns in the focused table. I think this is what is taking so long. We are looking at optimizing this area for Oracle soon. Can you confirm that this is what you are seeing? Or if result set is being executed you will see the connection name and the first part of the select statement in the background progress window. If you can consistently reproduce let’s have you open support case so I can get webex of the issue.


I assumed it was rerunning the query because it takes 10 minutes to open one query, however it was not rerunning the query. Brio only took less than a minute to open the same query. Any thoughts?


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i really would like to look into this. Can you open a support ticket and ask to have a webex with Development? I will attend and see first hand what is occurring.


I am now able to reproduce this. It seems to be triggered by having saved data. We are going to correct this as well as look at optimizing the opening of a workbook. This are QAT-14206 & QAT-14197. Sorry it took so long to reproduce the issue.


I have screen prints as to what’s happening with the CPU and memory when opening a workbook. Let me know if you want that as well.


Probably not. Let me get the basic optimization resolved and you can see how that is for you. I will need a couple of weeks. For now can you not save data to the file? This should get around most of this inefficiencies


We can not. The whole purpose is to have the data readily available.


Okay, we will jump on this and let you know when fixed.