Viewing SQL from a workbook

This is only the 2nd day I've been using toad.
When I opened a workbook I created yesterday, and open the background processes, it says "Gathering Workbook data" .... this has been running for hours.
All I wanted to do was view the SQL from within that workbook. I've looked in the user manual, the forums, in Stack overflow... still can't find the answer to what seems to be a simple ask. There's nothing intuitive in the UI that leads me to this either - can someone point me in the right direction?

First thing first... make sure you are on the latest version 6.2... previous versions had some issues regarding workbooks.

Secondly, just curious, did you happen to save data within the Workbook? Saving Workbooks without the data will allow pretty quick opening of the Workbooks.

Toad for Oracle doesn't have a "workbook" concept. Are you using Toad Data Point or some other flavor of Toad?

Thanks Gary,
Currently my organization is on version (64 bit)
The workbook file is 1KB, so I'm guessing the data is not saved within it.

Thanks John

The title bar says "Toad Data Point", when I go to "About" it says Toad Workbook

Ok. I'm going to move this thread over to the TDP forum then.

Ah, thanks, John!

Ah, then it is IMPERATIVE, if at all possible, to upgrade to the latest version 6.2. Quest has made many enhancements to the Workbook UI, including quite a few bug fix resolutions.

Thanks Gary, my organization is currently reviewing 6.2. I finally figured out if you click View | SQL Recall (F8), you can see the SQL saved in the workbook. I've grabbed it out of there and saved as a generic .sql file.

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Kudos for such a great idea, Stephen!

Keep in mind that the SQL Recall list keeps a running history of all SQL and queries you're executing, whether they are run within the Workbook or Classic GUIs of TDP.

So, one thing that might make it easier to find queries from a particular workbook is to "tag" queries by placing a comment that includes the workbook name somewhere within the query syntax. See below for an example. BTW, I've found that you can't place the comment before the actual query, as Toad won't save any comments before the actual syntax, but does include any comments within.


In this way, when you launch TDP Workbook without even opening up a Workbook file, you can find queries in your historical SQL that have executed within a particular workbook, per snap below.