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Toad DB2 - Quest Central DB2 SQL Editor question

During the May 24th Toad DB2 webcast, a question was asked regarding if the Toad DB2 SQL Editor has the same 'Write Query results to log' editor option that was available in Quest Central for DB2 (QCDB2).

Toad DB2 does not have the exact 'Write Query results to log' option, however similar results are possible in Toad DB2.

The attached QCDB2 screenshot shows the results of a script run in QCDB2's SQL Editor with the 'Write Query results to log' option enabled.
All results are sent to the log tab along with the SQL text and elapsed time taken for each query. That log file can then be saved.

In Toad DB2, you have the option of showing the command and duration for each result set.
You can do this by right-clicking in the results grid and checking the 'Show - Command Panel' option.

You can then save your editor session as a Toad Editor File (tef). That will save the query text along with the results, and the elapsed times.
The attached Toad Screenshot shows the saved tef file open along with showing how to enable the 'Show - Command Panel' option.

You can then re-open that tef file whenever you wish to review it (or send it to other Toad DB2 users who can also open and view it).
When you open a tef file in Toad DB2, a SQL Editor session opens, displaying the query and result sets.
Using a tef has benefits like the query text is preserved, the result sets are preserved individually in grids, the separate commands and durations are also preserved and displayed. And you can still right-click on the result grids and send them to the Export Wizard or to Quick Export!

I hope this helps.