Toad Debugger

I have Toad version In the older version I had the debugger module. All worked great. Now the debugger is incorporated into the system and requires DBA assigned permissons (As far as I have been able to determine). Everytime they refresh my database I lose the permissions. Plus it took days working with the DBA the first time trying to get him to set them correctly. Any advice? I need to be able to just run the debugger daily whenever I need it. My meny is grayed out the the program will not execute.

I need to be able to just run the

debugger daily whenever I need it.

Caveat: I’m not a DBA, I haven’t specifically stepped through
what’s required to activate debugging.

The first thing to remember is that Toad is nothing more than a pretty GUI that
accesses Oracle functionality. So the access to be able to debug is not a
“Toad thing”. It’s an “Oracle thing”. You’d
have to set it up even if you wanted to debug through SQL Plus.

From the Oracle documentation (which one could easily Google) there is a new
privilege model starting with the Oracle 10g Database. Herein lies the
importance of having overlooked which database version you are running on. A
quick summary of access required specific to 10g release 1:

DEBUG CONNECT SESSION (system privilege a person must have to execute debug)

DEBUG and EXECUTE privileges (I think this is directly related to the stored

The above allows you – as I understand it – to run the command:

Alter package compile debug;

A command Toad handles for you. And you should be off and running.

Again: this is for 10g release 1. Your DBA really should review the appropriate
Oracle documentation to understand what’s needed for your specific

For example:

opinion as a developer.


“ Granting DEBUG ANY PROCEDURE privilege, or granting DEBUG privilege on
any object owned by SYS , means granting complete rights to the database.”

Very bad to do, yup!

Roger S.