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Toad doesn't release locks

I’m a UDB DBA. Our production support team uses Toad and their Toad sessions do not release locks after they are done their work. The Toad application can hold locks for days while in an idle state. Eventually, we often have to kill their session, because it eventually causes other applications to go into lock wait state.

Is there a Toad configuration parameter that can be used to prevent locks from being held after completing their work? Or is there some other accepted Toad practice that will prevent this from happening?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

What version of Toad are you using? Are the locks created by executed SQL in an SQL editor window? Are you using auto-commit? What locks are being held?

I have been plagued with this issue for several versions (including 5.6). The basic answer is you have to exit TOAD completely for the connections and locks to be released.

I’m not aware of any issues of Toad holding locks without executing SQL that creates locks. I have seen issues where Toad seems to be holding connections, but only when connection pooling is used.

I’d like to try to recreated this issue. Can someone please provide steps that cause Toad to hold lock that it shouldn’t be holding?