Toad 6.5 : Constant lock time out errors (and more general security access)


Just started using Toad 6.5 at one of my sites today; and I’ve been getting a Lock Timeout exceeded message about every two minutes. This is with a fresh install of Toad.

This seems to be correlated with editing actions which might possibly invoke the code completion lookup. Is there specific SQL Server 2012 security I should have to make that lookup work properly?

Which reminds me that at some other sites, I can’t do a filter in the Object Explorer (on Tables, for example) without getting an error saying Permission Denied. So what permissions/roles would I need, as a developer, in the database to use that feature?

Cheers, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

The first point about lock, probably because SQL statements conflict you execute trigger locks cause, you can check it.

The second point about not filter, you can check the SQL statement and current logged user not permision when filter,