Toad Edge 2.0.3 Prevents Me from Editing Package Body

Under some circumstances when I’m editing the Body Source of a Package, Toad Edge will prevent me from entering text. As I’m typing, the text editor will gray out and I cannot enter any more text. If I press CTRL+Z (undo), the text editor is unlocked again and I’m able to continue working.

The most recent time this occurred was when I was editing the following exception block:

“exception when no_data_found then utl_file.fclose(v_file);”

I attempted to add a “when others” clause after this, but the text editor won’t let me add text after this line! It’s driving me crazy! I can undersand if the text editor simply highlighted syntax errors, but to prevent me from entering text is crazy!

Hi, could you send us more information please?

  • screenshot of grayed editor
  • simple script to reproduce the issue (if possible)

Miroslav Stanik

I've worked up an example and attached a picture which shows the before and after state. Note that I'm in the "Body Source" editor and I'm attempting to edit an EnterpriseDB package.

In the "Before" picture, my cursor is sitting just after the "E" in "PROCEDURE". In the "After" picture, I've simply clicked the backspace key on my keyboard to remove the "E" in "PROCEDURE. After I press the backspace key, the entire Body Source editor locks up and I can't type any more text. I believe this has something to do with code collapsing functionality in this window. If you look closely, the code collapse icon is just to the left of the word "PROCEDURE".. when I remove the "E" in procedure, the code collapse icon dispears and this is when the text editor becomes locked out.

What's interesting is that if I click the "Open Script in Worksheet" icon and edit the package body in a worksheet editor, the text editor DOES NOT become locked out when I follow the same steps.. so that leads me to believe that it's just a problem with the code collapsing functionality in the "Body Source" editor.

Thank you for detailed description, this issue will be fixed in version 2.0.5. Only workaround right now is to edit the package in the worksheet instead of object detail. The reason of this issue is invalid detection of uneditable part of package script (only first line with package name should be grayed out)

Miroslav Stanik

Yep, Toad edge 2.0.5 fixed several problems I had with packages. I also like the fact I can click on the function/procedure name in the object explorer and it navigates to the location in the body source. Thanks!

Thanks for confirmation