Toad Edge Connection to Authentication server could not be established.

For those of you who have been running into this issue, I found a solution that works for me.

Go to

Export the certificate to a .cer file.

Import the certificate into Toad Edge’s Java Keystore

C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Edge\lib\jre\lib\security>keytool -import -alias Toad -file Toad.cer -keystore cacerts

pass: changeit

I only found one person telling people to do this but no one was noticing their post so I decided to post this information in one thread instead of everyone having to go thru 4 or 5 thread just to get an answer that might work.

HI, thank you for describing steps how to resolve this issue.

Anyway, we have released Toad Edge Preview 2.0.1 where we improved the workflow for this issue.

We really appreciate if you try this version without added certificate in your cert store.

Just download the preview here:

thank you very much

Miroslav Stanik