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Toad connection to PAM/AD authenticated Linux MariaDB


So hoping someone has come across this before. I am attempting to connect to a MariaDB database using Toad Edge. The MDB database authenticates via Active Directory - and I am getting "Unable to load authentication plugin 'dialog'.

Yep - i've fixed this with HeidiSQL in a ODBC connection where in order to find the dialog DLL, I copied the dialog.dll from the Heidi or MariaDB plugin directory into the MySQL directory and it works just fin.

It appears like i'm needing to do the same trick with JDBC - i downloaded the Connector/J from:

Put it in my classpath - and... well, same thing.

Just wondering if anyone else has come across this and has an inkling of an idea what needs to be done to get it working.

Toad using local database users to MariaDB works just fine...



Hi, authentication via PAM should work with ToadEdge. Do you have added and set MariaDB driver in Preferences and Connection Properties?

Miroslav Stanik