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Toad Edge Mac SSL settings require you to provide all 3 types of files

My connection only uses a CA file. But it is asking for all 3.

It should allow me to just provide the CA file.

The following three certificate files are required:

  • CA (Certificate Authority) Certificate (-ca.pem suffix file)

-Client SSL Certificate (-cert.pem suffix file)

-Client SSL Private Key (-key.pem suffix file)

Right – that’s the problem. They shouldn’t be. In datagrip & mysqlworkbench & sequel pro i am able to supply only the CA pem file, which is all that my server uses. In toad edge, it will not even allow me to try to connect, or save settings.

Right this is the problem. In other clients i can use just the CA file. I must use the CA pem and no other file to connect to my server.

Hi chorbi,

Yes, indeed our Connection Properties dialog supported only SSL authorization using all 3 files.

Good news is that the functionality has already been improved - now the dialog will let you use all three files or only the CA file or only client cert+key. Please wait for the new version.


Hi - just wanted to let you know that we expect to release the next version in the month of November.